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Behind the Guns - Epilogue (Jilleon)
Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom.
Art by DemonLeon3d

Jill put her finger on the elevator button, but she was hesitant. She wanted to breathe for a few seconds before she would take that step. The last two days had been very difficult and totally different way from everything that she had ever faced before.
Fortunately things in B.S.A.A. seemed calm as Jill could not work that day. If her head was already spinning with the latest news, to find out what Leon was doing got things even more complicated.
If she needed to describe those fifteen months next to Leon, she would have only good things to say. It's not that their relationship was perfect, but it was so good that it was bigger than any normal difficulty they could have. The two were friends, partners, lovers.
Everything was perfect within small imperfections, except from a small detail; distance. Jill and Leon still had some conflicts involving the distance, but not the distance caused by
:iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 4 9
Kevin Ryman by Shanttyvf Kevin Ryman :iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 24 26
Behind The Guns - Chapter 25 (Jilleon)
Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom.
Song for this chapter: Ronan Keating - This I promise you

From The Bottom Of My Heart

Jill watched Leon quietly as he bent down to pick up the key and give it to her.
The two were looking at each other for a few seconds without saying a word, so Jill unlock the door.
"Jill ..." Leon said in a calm voice "You don't need to let me in, unless you want that too... I need some answers, but I don't want to be the only one looking for them ... Only open this door if you want to also understand the what happened to us."
Jill was silently staring at the door with her back to him. She realized that although he had gotten there, he kept his pride. This was one of those times when Jill really did not know what to think, but she just opened the door. He deserved that opportunity, since she didn't really know what to blame on him directly and because Jill also wanted to understand everything.
She pointed to the s
:iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 3 7
Behind The Guns - Chapter 24 (Jilleon)
Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom
Wheel of Fortune
Jill looked at her watch checking the time when she exited the elevator. She knew that Quint was punctual, so she rushed to get ready fast not to keep him waiting.
As soon as Jill greeted the porter she saw Quint park in front of her building. As she walked towards him, Jill thanked her friend's company in her mind.
After about two weeks in the countryside, Jill certainly would have stayed longer that if she hadn't to attend that celebration. But with Chris' absense, there was only her and Quint to represent that B.S.A.A. branch.
Although that was a small celebration, led by the Municipal Administration. Jill knew how much the mayor liked the media, so he expected the representatives from B.S.A.A. and from the other organizations that would receive donations to be present and to be in the next morning's newspaper frontpage. This way everyone would be able to see his concern for main
:iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 1 4
Bird Lady. by Shanttyvf Bird Lady. :iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 25 18
Behind the Guns - Chapter 22 and 23 (Jilleon)
Resident Evil belongs to Capcom
I decided to bring 2 chapters in  one to apologize for the delay. I hope you guys forgive me. :)
Chapter 22.
Lost In The Ocean

More than two hours had passed since Leon arrived at Jill's apartment and his usual anxiety after sex hadn't manifested yet. He did not feel like leaving that place as in all other occasions when soon after sex he felt the strange environment. After getting his only goal.
Leon was lying in bed with one hand behind his head while the other was stroking Jill's hair. She laughed at some of his jokes as she was playing with her fingers on his chest.
They talked about the B.S.A.A., about D.S.O., they talked about movies, about places they visited or would like to go. They talked about other important things and also totally unimportant ones.
"Well ... now I will be quiet for you to get some sleep. I promise."
"This is the fourth time you say that" Jill said, laughing softly.
"Are you saying I'm a talkative perso
:iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 1 8
RE Divas 2 by Shanttyvf RE Divas 2 :iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 61 20
Behind The Guns - Chapter 21 (Jilleon)
Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom

The end of the Line

Leon was wearing his jeans when a smile came to his lips. It was interesting to notice that Jill remembered to pick up clean clothes to bring to the hospital. This was certainly one of the women's gifts, to think about details, but Leon could not remember anyone who had done that for him before.
It was good to feel Jill as an ordinary woman at some points, but if Leon could describe her at that time, he would certainly say that she was unique.
All women with whom Leon had been involved before had been interesting from the start, but with Jill it was different. Leon needed to unveil her gradually to find not only an interesting woman, but the most special one.
Leon knew many beautiful, agile and smart women like her, but no one had such a strong and charming personality.
Leon wanted more, he wanted to know her better, he wanted to be with her longer, he wanted to have her in his arms again. He knew that their
:iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 1 2
Young Claire by Shanttyvf Young Claire :iconshanttyvf:Shanttyvf 34 12


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
This was an amazing gift from my dear senpai :icondemonleon3d:
Thank you so much for everything, dear. For making this wonderful present for me, for teaching me everything and specially for being this AMAZING friend!!!!!! :heart:



Maybe you guys have noticed that, but I was only a writer and since some days I've also become a Hobbyist Digital Artist.
This happened when my dear friend DemonLeon3D told me he could teach me deal with blender and my dear friend Mister-Valentine taught me how to use xnalara. Thank you guys :hug:
It's interesting but when I started analyzing arts and working with models I realized how Jill and Leon gets sexy and extremelly beautiful together. That happened to me specially by feeling DemonLeon3D and romero1718 amazing Jilleon arts which brought me such good feelings I tried to hide at first :D
It's not that I don't like Valenfield anymore, I still do because it is something that happened to me so long ago. But when we think over deeply Chris (RE6) and Ada's personality we get a little frustrated... I believe Capcom ruined Chris in RE6 (Damn you Kobayashi) and that Ada is not noble enough to be considered a heroin(And after 15 years it clearly shows us Leon and Ada have attraction and care for each other, not true love).
When I think about that I feel that Leon and Jill are the two characters that still remain the same. The 2 characters capcom respected somehow. Although they are kind of different, they are noble, skilled, experienced and hot.
There's a part inside of me that will always love Valenfield up to RE5, but in this moment I'm into Jilleon, which is inspiring me for posing and for writing, because they make up a wonderful couple.
Thank you guys for your friendship and for your support!!! :) :hug: ;)


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