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Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom
Thanks to my sweet SenPai DemonLeon3d for the magnificent Cover Image

Sweet Revenge

Leon drove silently for a few hours. Jill also remained quiet, sometimes looking at the phone, sometimes attentive to the radio songs and at that time she was taking a nap again.

Leon admired her sweet sleeping face, he was not used to such delicacy.

Although the moment after the kiss left the environment slightly strange, Leon was not sorry. Although Jill could think that he had acted as reckless or irresponsible, Leon was sure he had made the right thing. There was no room for regrets, especially when his attitude brought him at least part of the answer he was looking for. If he had spent much of the trip before thinking that he and Jill had some sort of attraction, that kiss was the most clear proof that he was right.

Her body, her skin, her smell, her eyes and her lips seemed small sources of magnetism. By having a little he surely wanted more.

Leon was almost sure about her interest for him. He felt her excited, he realized she kissed him back for sometime but at the same time he felt she strongly determined to stay focused. Leon wouldn't understand such concern in a simple situation like that, but he forced himself to understand that she was different from him in this regard.

Leon was still interested in trying to unlock her secrets and he would accept her reluctance if it was about the job, but not about her will. He did not like indecisive women, he liked women who knew what they wanted and were not afraid to admit it. So he would give them both sometime, but not forever.

At this point they were going down the mountains on a narrow road, they were about twenty minutes from their destination and by evaluating the place, Leon took the phone to confirm his suspicions. The mountainous area prevented contact with the tower, complicating the mobile signal. This was not good, but considering the information about Lopez, it should not get them worried.

Watching Jill asleep again and then the first sunbeams that began to color the sky orange, Leon smiled softly. He was not sorry for the past events, but he knew that to try a new way to approach her would not be a bad idea, especially when it involved one of his passions, nature.




Jill opened her eyes startled when she felt a hand resting on her left hand. Because of the scare, she lifted her head quickly, putting herself in alert position and her hand on her pants, where her holster used to be. She needed a few seconds until she could identify that she was in the car, looking at Leon.

"Calm down." He said fun "You are still so angry at me that you even considered shooting me?"

"No, I ..." she said confused. He would never understand that this moment just reported her back to times when she used to wake up with hands and needles in her arms, with people tying her wrists and unfamiliar faces staring at her. "... I just got scared."

"It was not my intention." He said seriously now "Sorry."

"All right." Jill tried to smile.

"Come with me, I want to show you something." Leon said getting out of the car.

Jill grabbed a bottle of water and washed her face before brushing her teeth, hiding behind the car door. She rinsed her mouth on the floor next to the car.

"Brushing your teeth?"

"Yes" Jill said holding back the laugh" I know I do it all the time. My only vice."

"Better than many other vices, certainly" Leon said nicely.

Jill walked to Leon, who climbed a boulder ahead. Leon offered her his hand and Jill accepted it, getting up beside him.

Leon looked intently in front and Jill did the same, opening her eyes totally surprised.

A mixture of blue, yellow and orange as the sun was rising. The show brought her such a great emotion that Jill felt teary eyes.

Leon did not seem less than thrilled, he was visibly fascinated by the magnificent view.

How could nature be so perfect? It was all so magical that it looked like a picture with vibrant colors, difficult to believe it was a real scenery.

"How did you ...?"

"I realized that the mobile signal was undergoing changes, which usually happens in mountainous areas. And since I'm used to it, I always stop to admire these magnificent landscapes when I get the chance."

"It's too perfect. Hard to believe it's real."

"I don't believe in your missions around the world you didn't enjoy to stop a few seconds to observe the places you passed by"

"Hmm" Jill raised eyebrows "When you have a partner like Chris, the mission is the only thing that matters. I guess I never stopped to do this. But I'm not complaining, because Chris and I are alike."

"At this point I have an advantage." Leon got his cell phone and showed it to Jill "My partner can give me a break from time to time. And if she does not accepted my way of taking things, I could turn her off." Leon laughed.

"I understand" Jill looked at him with suspicion "I bet you'd rather be with your partner now, since you can not turn me off if you need." She laughed lightly.

"My challenge about you has been just the opposite, Jill." Leon looked at her side.

"What you mean?" Jill seemed afraid of what he could say.

"Although you have told me that you know you are not the superhero that everyone thinks you are, you look very hard on yourself sometimes so indirectly you feed the idea they have about you. I feel challenged to know the real Jill behind this barrier perfection. Deep down I know you are not so hard."

Jill's eyes widened. Leon was right. Perhaps all irritation she felt at the beginning when she met him was because Leon was not as hard as she was. Perhaps what bothered her so much was all that naturally he still had and Jill lost after so many pains.

"So you were evaluating me too?"

"Maybe. It's not often that I have beside me a person with such an interesting and strong personality. But I didn't plan that as revenge or to hurt you. I just wanted to share with you moments like this when I forget about the mission in the middle of the mission. It is invigorating. For me this is even more important that a sip of whiskey."

"Do you drink during a mission?" Jill's eyes widened again.

"There are times I must find a way to make things more bearable, but I'm not an alcoholic, trust me."

"All right." she shrugged "Not sure if I agree with everything you're telling me, but I can think about it." She said sincerely.

"Don't you agree that such a view is invigorating enough to show us that there aren't only bad things about the world?"

"At this point I agree with you, Leon. I think that such a view is a gift from nature for sure. Maybe we have to enjoy moments like this since we don't know when it will be the last chance."

Leon smirked and stared at Jill deeply.

"Am I forgiven for what happened last night?"

"Yes" Jill laughed " Oh my God! You are so clever. Beautiful way to apologize and guarantee my positive reply." Jill turned serious before asking him softly "Do you regret it?"

"That's not what I said. We must regret bad things only" Leon smirked before turning back and jump off the boulder where they were.

He left behind a confused Jill. Jill was more involved in that authentic, seductive and fearless man magic.

Although she had not assumed to him, she knew he was right. She was so hard at herself and this attitude she managed to make people believe she was really an iron woman. Jill was soft with everyone but herself.

Jill looked one last time at the sunrise. Some clouds around that beautiful image showed her that a summer rain was coming at sometime.

Jill sighed deeply before turning to get down that place. When she was about to jump, Leon who was a few steps forward, motioned for her to wait.

He came and Jill understood what he wanted her to do, to jump on his lap. Jill could not help but smile at the seductive look he gave her. Leon was not only very seductive, but he was aware of his gifts.

Jill jumped without thinking and she was caught by Leon. She hoped he would let her go quickly, but Leon continued to hold her in his arms for a while. Both looked at each other closely and a smile was born on the lips of both. Leon looked at her lip and Jill thought he would try to kiss her again, but the man slowly placed her on the floor.

"Thank you, Leon" she said smiling, feeling somewhat frustrated that he had not tried anything.

"I also know how to be a gentleman, ms. Valentine." He gave her a soft leering look.

"Jill, please." She replied smiling seductively.

When Jill realized what he had done, she started walking towards the car without looking back. 'What am I doing?' she wondered. She could finally assume that she liked his seductive smiles , but she was not willing to accept herself to do the same.

Jill got into the car and closed the door. In a few minutes they would arrive at their destination and she could soon consider the mission finally over.




Leon stopped the car in front of a large wooden house. Although the place was far from town and seemed very quiet, Leon liked that environment, it looked like a nice place to live away from everything.

A small garden in front of the house adorned the place and around the ladder a line of orange flowers.

Leon got out the car and headed towards the house, he noticed that the windows were closed, then he stopped and looked at Jill quickly.

"It seems that there is no one home or maybe they are still sleeping." Leon continued walking towards the house and up the stairs, followed by Jill.

He knocked on the door repeatedly and waited for an answer. Leon then stepped away from the door and smiled at Jill. She smiled back and crouched at Leon's feet. Jill picked up an object and in a few seconds it was possible to hear a click, the door was open.

"This was very sexy." Leon said entering the house.

"Cut it out" Jill laughed as she entered the house behind him.

The dark wood floor groaned with every step they gave. Leon motioned for Jill so they would investigate the whole house. Jill went up the stairs carefully as Leon remained downstairs.

The two investigated the rooms, closets and everything that could bring some clue to them. A few minutes later Jill went down the stairs and found Leon in the room waiting for her with a flyer in his hand.


"Only this flyer. I believe they are trying to sell or rent this property."

"It makes sense, in one of the rooms all the clothes were taken and in the other they left just a few coats and boots, so some clothes were also taken. But I found no documents or anything similar, everything was taken. No hideouts in this house either."

"I also found many empty medicine boxes on the kitchen garbage, perhaps they left here for health reasons and they do not intend to come back."

"Probably. But we have to assume that the house is very neat and very clean, it shows us that it belongs to dedicated and apparently good-natured people."

"I agree." Leon said putting the flyer on the table "Everything clean, tidy, with no signs of violence. Considering this and what Quint told us, we do not have anything to worry about, we came to this place just to confirm it. Then our mission ends here?"

"Apparently." Jill nodded "So maybe time to go home?"

One smiled at each other as if they were wondering how would the way back be after so many events between them both.

Hello again my dear ones!

Leon... Leon... How can you be so perfect? Hahahha

Yeah, Jill's atittude didn't affect him at all. First because he is used to worse seduction games, second because somehow he knows she acted like that for "military" reasons(he still doesnt know the other ones) LOL. But anyway, Leon is not the kindda man to keep trying forever (maybe anymore)... So Jill, if you really want that, you better act :D

Somehow I think Jill is not afraid of the kiss, but she's afraid of all the feelings it can bring her if she let it go... Specially because she hasn't been with a man for a long time... Do you girls think she'll resist him longer? :D

I hope you guys liked Leon's sweet revenge in this chapter. It was just a simple chapter, but it was the end of a stage or cycle, cause something big is going to happen soon... ;)

Thank you very much for your support always!

Cya next week and have a nice weekend!

My special thanks to my sweet friends Biohazard-Croft, DemonLeon3D and romero1718.
Behind The Guns - Chapter 13 (Jilleon)
The wonderful Cover Image is by :icondemonleon3d: Thank you soooo much sweetheart! :heart:

Previous Chapter: Behind The Guns - Chapter 12 (Jilleon)
What can we find behind the guns, beyond the missions and inside the hearts? Leon Scott Kennedy was more than an impressive and effective agent, but he forgot that after many years saving people's lives. That's when he needs to stop and think about himself, but will he keep his mind away from work when he has nothing else to do with his life? /// Jill and Leon Story
Maybe you guys have noticed that, but I was only a writer and since some days I've also become a Hobbyist Digital Artist.
This happened when my dear friend DemonLeon3D told me he could teach me deal with blender and my dear friend Mister-Valentine taught me how to use xnalara. Thank you guys :hug:
It's interesting but when I started analyzing arts and working with models I realized how Jill and Leon gets sexy and extremelly beautiful together. That happened to me specially by feeling DemonLeon3D and romero1718 amazing Jilleon arts which brought me such good feelings I tried to hide at first :D
It's not that I don't like Valenfield anymore, I still do because it is something that happened to me so long ago. But when we think over deeply Chris (RE6) and Ada's personality we get a little frustrated... I believe Capcom ruined Chris in RE6 (Damn you Kobayashi) and that Ada is not noble enough to be considered a heroin(And after 15 years it clearly shows us Leon and Ada have attraction and care for each other, not true love).
When I think about that I feel that Leon and Jill are the two characters that still remain the same. The 2 characters capcom respected somehow. Although they are kind of different, they are noble, skilled, experienced and hot.
There's a part inside of me that will always love Valenfield up to RE5, but in this moment I'm into Jilleon, which is inspiring me for posing and for writing, because they make up a wonderful couple.
Thank you guys for your friendship and for your support!!! :) :hug: ;)


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I'm a thirty-year-old Brazilian female who enjoys reading, playing games, watching movies and, of course, writing.
I'm a BIG fan of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Sims, Avatar The Last Airbender and Chobits. But I decided to write about Resident Evil, and specially about Jill and Chris drama (This difficult and interesting relationship).

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