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This was an amazing gift from my dear senpai :icondemonleon3d:
Thank you so much for everything, dear. For making this wonderful present for me, for teaching me everything and specially for being this AMAZING friend!!!!!! :heart:



Resident Evil and its characters belong to Capcom


Wheel of Fortune

Jill looked at her watch checking the time when she exited the elevator. She knew that Quint was punctual, so she rushed to get ready fast not to keep him waiting.

As soon as Jill greeted the porter she saw Quint park in front of her building. As she walked towards him, Jill thanked her friend's company in her mind.

After about two weeks in the countryside, Jill certainly would have stayed longer that if she hadn't to attend that celebration. But with Chris' absense, there was only her and Quint to represent that B.S.A.A. branch.

Although that was a small celebration, led by the Municipal Administration. Jill knew how much the mayor liked the media, so he expected the representatives from B.S.A.A. and from the other organizations that would receive donations to be present and to be in the next morning's newspaper frontpage. This way everyone would be able to see his concern for maintaining the city way from bioterrorism.

Although they already received a good amount of the federal government every month, Jill knew that some new helicopters and weapons would always be welcome. So she understood the need for their presence, although she didn't like those celebrations.

Jill closed the car door and smiled at her friend.

"You're very elegant in that tux."

"I feel like a penguin from Madagascar." Quint shrugged.

"They are very intelligent, it would be a good reference for sure. But please, move away from mischief."

"All right, I promise that this time I didn't invade the system to change the order of presentations, placing the BSAA as the first."

Jill opened her mouth surprise and could not say anything for a few seconds, she just looked at Quint. Quint kept looking at the wheel and did not move.

"I knew you had done it last year."

"Oh, don't blame me. You complained the whole week about going to this cocktail because Chris was traveling."

"Oh! How sweet. You did it for me..." she said in an ironic and funny tone.

"For us both. You always force me to go with you and none of us like it."

"That's not true, there was once that I forced Parker."

Quint pursed his lips and crossed his arms, looking at Jill.

"Okay ..." Jill dropped her sholders "It was only once because you were not here ... I admit I prefer to force you to go with me."

"Ok. It's not something bad to be your favorite company."

Jill winked and smiled.

Although everything seemed like a joke, Quint had just said the truth. She loved his company. Having to come back from her trip for that cocktail was not something nice, but at least she could count on the Quint's presence, which was.

"How was your trip?" Quint asked.

"So nice. I feel alive again thanks to the nature"

"What happened to your cellphone? Did you lose it? I tried several times to call you, especially today to confirm the time."

"It was out of sign and now no battery."

Jill was lying, but she could not find a way to tell him the truth. She turned off her cell on the day she traveled and she didn't have the courage to turn it on afterward. She was deeply afraid to find unanswered calls from Leon, or perhaps she was afraid not fo find any.

Luckily for her, Quint seemed to accept well that excuse. Jill questioned him about the latest news in B.S.A.A. to change the subject and it was about that what they talked on their way.

Although that was a seemingly simple cocktail, the mayor was so fond of the exhibition that a red carpet and several photographers and reporters were placed at the entrance.

Jill heard people calling her name, but she just smiled for the cameras. She did not like that feeling of fame, but for the BSAA she'd always do any sacrifice.

When she and Quint moved away from the spotlight, Jill sighed in relief.

"What don't we do for a few new helicopters?" Quint asked in funny tone.

Jill nodded and laughed.

The first hour of that celebration was not unpleasant. Jill and Quint ran into Sandler and they were having a nice chat.

Sandler was a respected army lieutenant and Crispin Jettingham's boyfriend, one of their friends known as Dee-Ay. Dee-Ay was known for his intelligence and agility. Both refused numerous offers from the B.S.A.A. because they were attached to their current positions, they loved what they did. But Jill would love if the two one day accepted to join the BSAA, it would certainly be an honor for her.

"Where is Dee-Ay?"

"You know him. He only thinks about work. He is in the Middle East training rescue groups against bioterrorism."

"Always involved in this cause."

"Just like you." Sandler smiled.

Quint, Jill Sandler and talked on various subjects until Quint and Jill were called on stage to symbolically receive the donation.

To go on the stage, Jill tried to ignore the crowd of people watching her. She had to assume that she was less intimidated before a crowd of zombies than before that crowd looking at her and watching her closely.

Jill and Quint took the keys of the helicopters and posed for some photographers, next to the mayor, Ronald West.

Jill was smiling naturally for the cameras when her gaze was attracted to the stairs, where she was minutes before. There he was. In a black suit, holding a glass of whiskey, very elegant.

Leon was looking at her so firmly that Jill felt her legs go weak for a moment. Trying to ignore the slight emotion she felt, Jill looked at the photographer again, trying to act naturally.

At that time she would like to really be the fortress that everyone always thought she was, so she would feel indifferent before that gaze and especially before that man. But her body was shaking and her heart was beating irregularly, showing the effect he had on her.

When the photos were over, Jill thanked the Mayor and walked towards the stairs to leave that place quickly, when the voice of the announcer called her back.

"One moment, Ms. Valentine and Mr. Cetcham. It's not over. We would like to ask the respected agent Mr. Leon Scott Kennedy to join us.

Jill looked at Quint confused before looking at Leon. The agent walked up the stairs still looking at Jill.

"On behalf of Senator Joseph Brown, we would like to give you a prize in a check and another one to decorate your shelves" The presenter said as a beautiful woman in a short tight dress got on the stage and handed the three a check and a trophy each. "The senator is deeply pleased and grateful for the work you guys have done in his defense and his family's."

Jill smiled thanking, though she wished she could run from that place. She thought nothing could get worse until the three got closer for a picture and Leon placed his left hand on her waist, so strong as if he had forgot about the audience ahead of them. That strong hand and that proximity allowed her to smell Leon's scent, which made it hard for her to breath.

Jill faked a few more smiles for photos and prayed for that the torture to end soon. When the presenter thanked theim, she could only thank him back and walk quickly to the stairs.

She knew she needed to be mature, she was supposed to go down the stairs to greet and congratulate Quint and Leon for that, it would be the right thing to do at that time. But Jill was still feeling her heart beat wildly and a slight dizziness.

When she left the stairs she spotted Sandler. Jill went quickly towards him and asked him to hold her trophy because she needed to go to the toilet urgently.

Women would always be forgiven when they needed to go to the restroom, that was the best excuse she could think about to get out of there. Only Jill knew she was not being as strong and cold as people thought or expected she was, and this time she didn't feel guilty. It was great to be imperfect sometimes.

Jill went into the bathroom and got her hands went, running them on her face. That cold touch made her feel an immediate relief. As if it had awakened her. Looking at the mirror for a while, she was grateful for not having destroyed her makeup. Jill then took a deep breath again, before deciding to leave that place.

Sandler was waiting for her by the restroom door. Jill tried to look as normal as possible, she got her trophy back and thanked him.

"Thank you." She looked around before asking "Where's Quint?"

"In a call. It seems that someone needed his help. He said he'll be righ back." Sandler hardly wait for Jill to shake her head and abruptly asked her "What was that on stage?"

"Wha...What?" She asked scared.

"You and that handsome agent Kennedy ... I felt ...something like a sexual tension there."

"What do you mean?"

"While Quint was looking at the woman's legs and cleavage and even to the check that you guys received. The hunk was just looking at you ... and what about that hand in your waist like that? Oh my God!"

"Damn! You think everyone realized that?" She closed her eyes in worry.

"Relax. I just realized that because I know you and I noticed your discomfort and his, so I was watching everything in detail. You both seemed bewildered."

"It's a long story that will not repeat." Jill saw Quint walking towards them "In another opportunity I can tell you."

Sandler winked at Jill and crossed her arm between his. Both walked to Quint and the first thing that Jill suggested her friend to do was to go away. Quint did not question, demonstrating that it could be a good idea for him too and Sandler decided to accompany them to the exit.

Jill looked among the people while walking and she couldn't specify whether she was frustrated or relieved not to find Leon's face anymore. Trying to expel those thoughts she tried to concentrate on the jokes that Sandler was telling them.

Although Jill had tried to remain normal, the way back home was made in total silence. She was able neither to start nor to continue a conversation. The only thing Jill managed to do was stare at the lights of the street through the window, listen to the old songs and holding back the tears.

When Quint stopped the car, Jill thanked him quickly and tried to disguise the sad tone on her voice. It was warm, but suddenly she felt as if that long dress was not enough and her body was trembling slightly.

She got to her apartment door and put her hand into her small purse. She got a set of keys out of it, the object slipped between her fingers falling and sliding away on the floor when it was stopped by an expensive social male shoe.

Jill looked up at the man in front of her and she was startled to recognize him. She felt a slight urge to ask him how he had come in there, but she held herself back when she realize she would sound ridiculous to ask something like that to an agent.

Jill took a deep breath to regain her posture. Disguising the whirlwind of emotions she felt, she looked at Leon coldly, as if everything was under control.

Hi guys
I hope this chapter was just strong as it was for me, to imagine the scene.
OMG, these two are perfect together, right?
How do you guys think everything will turn out now?
Well, see on chapter 25, our last chapter. :)
I hope you liked it. Thank you my dear :iconromero1718: and my dear :iconbiohazard-croft: sooo nice to have you back.
Behind The Guns - Chapter 24 (Jilleon)
Previous Chapter:…

What can we find behind the guns, beyond the missions and inside the hearts? Leon Scott Kennedy was more than an impressive and effective agent, but he forgot that after many years saving people's lives. That's when he needs to stop and think about himself, but will he keep his mind away from work when he has nothing else to do with his life? /// Jill and Leon Story
Bird Lady. by Shanttyvf
Bird Lady.
Just something simple to test this model and to say I MISS YOU ALL :heart:
Bird Lady ready to work. ;)

Jill by Sharon14
Stock by
Maybe you guys have noticed that, but I was only a writer and since some days I've also become a Hobbyist Digital Artist.
This happened when my dear friend DemonLeon3D told me he could teach me deal with blender and my dear friend Mister-Valentine taught me how to use xnalara. Thank you guys :hug:
It's interesting but when I started analyzing arts and working with models I realized how Jill and Leon gets sexy and extremelly beautiful together. That happened to me specially by feeling DemonLeon3D and romero1718 amazing Jilleon arts which brought me such good feelings I tried to hide at first :D
It's not that I don't like Valenfield anymore, I still do because it is something that happened to me so long ago. But when we think over deeply Chris (RE6) and Ada's personality we get a little frustrated... I believe Capcom ruined Chris in RE6 (Damn you Kobayashi) and that Ada is not noble enough to be considered a heroin(And after 15 years it clearly shows us Leon and Ada have attraction and care for each other, not true love).
When I think about that I feel that Leon and Jill are the two characters that still remain the same. The 2 characters capcom respected somehow. Although they are kind of different, they are noble, skilled, experienced and hot.
There's a part inside of me that will always love Valenfield up to RE5, but in this moment I'm into Jilleon, which is inspiring me for posing and for writing, because they make up a wonderful couple.
Thank you guys for your friendship and for your support!!! :) :hug: ;)

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