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Magic Sunset by Shanttyvf
Magic Sunset
Difficult to imagine a better scene for the perfect vacation!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Jill by junkymana
Leon by LeonxClaire
Yatchi: by Oo-Fil-oO
Back Home. by Shanttyvf
Back Home.
Jill was so happy to see his loyal partner back safe that there were no words to say, she just hugged him.

Jill by adngel
Chris by adngel
*Resident evil and its characters belong to Capcom.*

Protective Instincts

Jill felt something different when Leon walked through the door. She tried to breathe slowly and normal but she felt strangely nervous. Jill smiled and greeted the guy normally, but after that she avoided looking at him, she focused on Quint.

Quint got the complete profiles of Stuart Harrison, Ben Newman and Matthew Simons. He brought the reports with all information and reviews about the officers' behaviors. The three were still working on the BSAA and it seemed they were great professionals.

"I don't believe in any of these three guys involvement, yet I installed my monitoring system there so I can continue investigating them from wherever I am."

"Very good, Quint." Jill said

"But about James Grant and Paul Lopez ..."Quint frowned" Paul Lopez left our organization two weeks ago claiming he needed to take care for his mother on a farm in the north of Baycoast and James Grant was fired three weeks ago for lack of discipline."

"Something unacceptable." Jill said looking at Quint and although she had not looked at Leon, she realized that he looked at her at that moment. "Go on, Quint."

"I brought the address of the two boys, so with a good excuse we can personally visit them and find something out."

"Very good, Quint. Now we only have two suspects." Leon said shaking his head.

"I don't know how many days you need, but I can provide a BSAA car so you two can go to them as soon as you want that. Unfortunately the procedure to provide a helicopter is stricter so we would have problems as we need for discretion, but a car is possible for me to provide without any report, just a simple note."

" Great, Jill." Quint said handing her the papers of Grant and Lopez.

"You can have the reports, Quint. I believe you will need them when you two get there."

"Us two? I think you forgot that I have a mission."

" Hmm - Jill raised her eyebrows. All she didn't want was a few days on the road with Leon "Since you are more into information about these guys, if you want I can go in your place and then you go with Leon."

"Oh, Jill?" Quint looked at her surprised.

Jill soon understood Quint's surprise, she was now accepting to go in Quint's place to a mission she didn't know. After so many years refusing missions like that, Jill knew that she caused astonishment in her friend to say that. At that moment she tried to fix it.

"If it's something simpler, of course." Jill stammered this time and she could not avoid, she looked at Leon and realized that the man looked at her curiously.

"Simple it is, but it's all about computers..." Quint said, still surprised.

Jill felt trapped. Before the curious gaze from Leon she felt naked and before she could show that she was nervous, she decided to hide it naturally.

"Of course" Jill smiled at both "It's ok with me. Some days on the road will be no problem at all."

"I'm sure you two can work it out and I'll be helping you away, just call me at every hint." Quint said standing up. "And look on the bright side, Jill. It's chance to get out of this place for a while and play Bonnie and Clyde."

After the last sentence from Quint and the smile from Leon, Jill felt her face blush. She knew her friend referred only to the adventure part, but Jill couldn't avoid thinking about the romantic tone in it and it made her remember the other day.

It would be difficult for Jill to stay a few days with Leon on the road with all those feelings and sensations he had awakened her the last days. Perhaps the best alternative for Jill was not to think about it and change the subject.

"It will not be difficult to find an excuse to go to them. From time to time we usually visit former members and invite them to resume their career in the BSAA. We can use that excuse."

"Perfect Jill" Quint shook his head looked at Leon"Don't forget to record all information so that I can investigate them later."

"Understood" Leon said following Quint to the door.

"Mister Kennedy" Jill waited for him to look at her before continuing "Do you prefer leaving tonight or tomorrow morning?"

"As soon as possible."

"All right. I will solve somethings and go home to pack my bags. We can meet here by seven, can't we?"

"That's Perfect. See you" He said before closing the door.

Jill was now looking at her table for a few seconds. There was no turning back, the disaster was made.




"Leon, wait." Quint said, causing the agent to stop when he opened the door to his room. Quint then walked over to him.

"Sorry, I don't want to seem unethical, but I need to ask you something. We all like Jill very much and we care about her. I know that due to everything she's been through sometimes she is not very sociable, so I would like just to ask you to be patient to her if you need to, specially if she shows any kind of trauma in some kind of situation. We never know"


"Yes, we can live many years and we'll hardly face all that this woman went through. It is understandable that she has abandoned his partner and became so stuck in here, so I think you needed to know that to understand her better. I count on you, Leon."

"Of course Quint" Leon furrowed his brow "But what kind of trauma? Should I know?"

"It's a long story, but believe me, she has her reasons. We al,l specially Chris, care a lot about her after that."

"Oh wow! Wouldn't it be better for her to stay?" Leon seemed worried.

"No, Leon. She needs to get out of here a bit, it is something that Chris tried for years. It's gonna be good for her, I ask you that only so that you understand if she seems strange sometimes. Believe me, she is the best professional in here along with Chris, she's just not in a good moment."

Leon shook his head not knowing what to say for a moment. Jill looked like a normal woman, hard but normal. Leon never imagined she carried traumas or even some kind of fear, she seemed so confident.

"You can relax, Quint. I'll take care of her."

"I know you will. Thank you, Leon" Quint patted on Leon's back before leaving.

At that moment Leon realized that although everybody in every agency seemed so confident, they were all carrying some kind of pain inside.

Knowing that behind that steady gaze and Jill's confidence there were fears made Leon feel sorry for her, but he also felt admired. He did not know what kind of memories she carried, but if Quint said she had her reasons, he believed the wounds were deep and even after everything there she was, working for the ideal of making a better and safer world for the others. Just like Leon, making the world better for everybody, except for himself.

Certainly, Jill Valentine was full of surprises and Leon began to feel urged to unravel her.




Unlike the daytime, where many people walked around BSAA headquarters, at that time everything seemed too quiet. Only a few lights in the reception desk and a security guard by the door.

Leon was in the parking lot and he expected Jill to come from the street, like him, but she came from inside the BSAA. Did she live there?

Jill wasn't wearing the formal uniform like that afternoon, she was wearing just dark pants and a white blouse with a black cap.

Jill looked at Leon as she walked to him and said, as if she had guessed his thoughts.

"It's great to live in front of here so I can return quickly when I forget something."

"And have you forgotten?"

"Yes, I forgot to ask them to get a better car for us. Paul finished fixing that one yesterday" Jill pointed to a black car behind Leon "It is not the best for long trips like ours, but it's ok. I had to leave a note that we are with it."

When Jill came to Leon, he noticed that her hair was still a little damp and the perfume she exuded was extremely pleasant. She probably just took a bath.

Jill opened the trunk placing a small suitcase in it and motioned to Leon. Leon then put his suitcase in the trunk too, before Jill close it.

She opened the car door and looked at Leon before entering.

" Do you mind if I drive first?"

"No way, you can drive as much as you want." he smiled friendly.

Leon realized she smirked but did not know why.

The trip went quiet, they just talked a little for a five-hour journey. Jill turned on the radio so that the music could distract them and she remained focused on the road for the most part, but sometimes they talked, about BSAA, about Raccoon City and even about the friendship both had with Claire.

Leon felt like talking about other things, but Jill's eyes always focused on the road prevented him from trying. Sometimes he commented on some music on the radio and all he heard from her was a "I like this song", nothing else. So he decided to be silent most of the time.

"A gas station, great. I need a coffee and go to the bathroom." She said after sometime.

"Mee too." Leon agreed.

Jill stopped for gas, got out and threw the key to Leon.

"I'll be right back. Park the car after, please."

Leon nodded and watched her walk. In a few seconds and the car was already stocked, he then did as she asked and parked the car in front of the cafeteria.

Leon decided to go to the bathroom and when approaching it he realized they were under reconstruction, so the bathrooms were separate, but men and women had to share the same sink and mirror. When he entered, he saw Jill leaning over the sink washing her face.

She did not realize he was there and Leon stepped back, so that he was not noticed. Leon realized that after a few misunderstandings, some funny situations and Quint warnings, she started to grow on him. Maybe it was the feeling of protection.

Each woman who have passed through Leon's life had different characteristics, Claire was temperamental and friendly, Ashley was boring but she could be fun, Manuela was innocent and pure, Helena was sweet and correct and Ada was ... Oh Ada .. . Ada was special in her way, sensual and somehow a friend in extreme moments.

All of them had a special place in Leon's heart, Ada and Claire more for being longer in his life. But Leon would never protect one more than the other, he cared for them all.

Now looking at Jill through the reflection in the mirror he realized that his protective instinct was activated again. Leon did not feel that way because he thought that some danger awaited them, he felt like that for watching her deep eyes in the mirror and for remembering the words from Quint.

Jill would never tell him what happened to her when she tried to show that she was strong everything was great, but by that deep and almost sad eyes in the mirror Leon realized it was not. Behind all that strength there was a lot of sensitivity and although she was strong, that look made her sweet in his eyes.

"What are you doing there? - She asked when she saw him standing behind the door.

"I ... I came to use the bathroom." Leon tried to seem natural.

Jill said nothing, she just took a toothbrush and toothpaste from one of her pockets and began to brush her teeth, ignoring his presence. Leon then walked towards the bathroom trying to pretend that nothing happened.




Hello guys!

This chapter was kindda simple, I know, but it was necessary as development to this story, to bring a new enviroment for them and I hope it was not boring in your opinion :)

Next chapter things are gonna start changing! ;)

Thank you my friends!

Have a great weekend and Merry Xmas!

My special thanks to my sweet friends Mister-Valentine, Biohazard-Croft and romero1718
Behind The Guns - Chapter 8 (Jilleon)
Previous Chapter: Behind The Guns - Chapter 7 (Jilleon)

What can we find behind the guns, beyond the missions and inside the hearts? Leon Scott Kennedy was more than an impressive and effective agent, but he forgot that after many years saving people's lives. That's when he needs to stop and think about himself, but will he keep his mind away from work when he has nothing else to do with his life? /// Jill and Leon Story, they are more the great professionals, they are sexy together!
Maybe you guys have noticed that, but I was only a writer and since some days I've also become a Hobbyist Digital Artist.
This happened when my dear friend DemonLeon3D told me he could teach me deal with blender and my dear friend Mister-Valentine taught me how to use xnalara. Thank you guys :hug:
It's interesting but when I started analyzing arts and working with models I realized how Jill and Leon gets sexy and extremelly beautiful together. That happened to me specially by feeling DemonLeon3D and romero1718 amazing Jilleon arts which brought me such good feelings I tried to hide at first :D
It's not that I don't like Valenfield anymore, I still do because it is something that happened to me so long ago. But when we think over deeply Chris (RE6) and Ada's personality we get a little frustrated... I believe Capcom ruined Chris in RE6 (Damn you Kobayashi) and that Ada is not noble enough to be considered a heroin(And after 15 years it clearly shows us Leon and Ada have attraction and care for each other, not true love).
When I think about that I feel that Leon and Jill are the two characters that still remain the same. The 2 characters capcom respected somehow. Although they are kind of different, they are noble, skilled, experienced and hot.
There's a part inside of me that will always love Valenfield up to RE5, but in this moment I'm into Jilleon, which is inspiring me for posing and for writing, because they make up a wonderful couple.
Thank you guys for your friendship and for your support!!! :) :hug: ;)


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I'm a thirty-year-old Brazilian female who enjoys reading, playing games, watching movies and, of course, writing.
I'm a BIG fan of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Sims, Avatar The Last Airbender and Chobits. But I decided to write about Resident Evil, and specially about Jill and Chris drama (This difficult and interesting relationship).

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