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Resident Evil characters belong to CAPCOM.
A/N: I'm not a native speaker, so forgive my mistakes pls.

Into the depths

Once the sun rose, Jill put her cloak and went out the ward towards the cabin. She didn't want to wait too long because soon everyone would be awake and that would be a bigger risk. She remembered Leon told her that Keith would be in the cabin until the morning and she needed to speak to him urgently.
Jill ran into very few men on the way and when she arrived close to her friend, she was happy to see that he was all alone. Once Keith looked at her, she took out the hood .
"Damn it! I knew you would do something like that!" He kicked the air "You'll put we both in trouble, you headstrong."
"Stop with the drama, Keith. I have not been uncovered so far. I just need you to help me with something."
"I refuse myself to be your accomplice this time."
"You always say so and you always help me." Jill placed the hood again. "It's simple. During the parties, when Leon is not around, I just need you not to allow any man to choose me. Yesterday I was almost discovered. It was my luck that the guy who chose me was the captain, he doesn't know who I am and he did not force anything, we just talked. But I may not be that lucky the next time."
"The captain was nice to you?" Keith laughed "You were lucky because this guy seems really nice. If it was one of our men he would have told your father."
Somehow Jill got happy to know Chris was really a nice guy.
"I Know that. So I need your help. I always be in purple." Jill raised eyebrows "You will help me, Keith?"
"Do I have another option, Valentine?"
Jill hugged her friend before running to the deck to go back to the ward. Gradually the men were returning to their positions. When Jill approached the lifeboat she heard a voice behind her.
"Hey stranger." Jill stopped and put her hand on her face, before turning to the caller "Strolling through the deck? You know it's dangerous , don't you?"
Jill tried to hide her smile. In front of her there he was, Chris. With the sun illuminating his face she realized he had tanned skin and his eyes were dark green.
"What are you doing here?" Jill asked opening her hood a little to see him better.
"Back to my post, and you?"
"I came to ask a friend not to allow any captain to kidnap me the next party."
"Aw" Chris laughed "You have to pray for it to be me again. You know that you will only be safe with me. I will always give you coverage."
"I bet" Jill smirked.
Chris looked away and pulled Jill closer.
"What's that woman doing here, sir?"
Jill's eyes widened when she heard Leon's voice behind her. Certainly she didn't want him to find out she was there with Chris, so she hugged him, putting her head on his chest to hide her face.
"We're just saying goodbye."
"The night was long, right captain?" Leon approached Chris and tapped his shoulder before going away from them.
"Wait, he's still close." Chris said. Jill felt when he opened his hands and embraced her back fondly, bringing her closer and putting his face in her hair. "Wait a little longer."
Then Jill realized she was more concerned with that embrace than with the fact that her boyfriend almost caught her talking to another man. Jill did not think twice, she put her hands on his belly and pushed him away.
"ENOUGH!" Jill regained her composure before speaking again "I think you forgot to return my bracelet."
"Gee! What a shame, it's not with me here. That means you'll have to find me on the deck tonight, after everyone else is asleep." Chris winked at her.
Jill turned and walked away.
"I can't promise." She said walking quickly. After some steps she looked back over her shoulder and saw him putting his hand on his pocket. 'Smarty pants.' she thought.

Wesker took a set of keys from his pocket and chose one unlocking the door slowly before he entered the cell. Piers was lying in bed with his feet and hands tied. The boy was asleep, but he woke with the sound of the door opening.
"Governor? Please, sir, I did nothing." Piers spoke scared, stirring in the bed.
"You're not condemned of anything yet, child."
"Then why am I here, sir?"
"Just a way of ensuring that your brother will not go away with my map."
Wesker looked at the girl, who was still asleep and turned back to Piers.
"I'll tell my men to release you two, but remember young man, you're just a bait and most of the times we sacrifice the bait to catch the fish. So do not try to play the smart guy." - he said turning around.
Wesker left the cell ordering the guards to let them free. Then he walked down the stairs. As soon as he arrived in the basement, Wesker took the set of keys back opening the door. He went down a dark corridor where there were two more doors, unlocking and entering the second.
It was a large and nicely decorated room, although it was a little dark. In the right corner there was a dresser. A woman was brushing her long straight black hair looking in the mirror. Wesker closed the door behind him and smiled at her.

Jill picked up a small package and handed it to Leon. He opened it and smiled when he realized they were candies from Isabel. Without saying anything, Leon took one to his mouth.
"I knew you would like them. I always like to carry these candies with me on long journeys."
"I'll expel my two roommates so you can get in to stay with me."
"No Leon." Jill nodded, she was by the door of his berth compartment "It would be risky. We can do it tomorrow. I prefer to return to the ward."
"Suit yourself" Leon ate another candy "I would love it if you could stay, you know." Leon smirked .
Jill smiled slightly and gave Leon a kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye.
"I'm going. Good night, Leon."
"Night night my princess and thanks for the candies."
Jill was going down the hall towards the infirmary, but she stopped for a moment. She picked some candies she had saved and looked at them thoughtfully. She turned around but she hesitated before she walked forward 'Shall I?' Jill didn't ask herself again, she walked back to get to the deck. She was confused and curious at the same time. She felt something like affection for that man, she really enjoyed his company. Although confused between her duty and what she wanted to do, she decided to do what she wanted and ignore the voice that asked her to leave.
Chris was sitting on the ground near the railing, looking up the sky. She came up and sat beside him. Chris didn't move his head, he kept looking up at the moon and Jill realized he just smiled.
"You thought I wouldn't come?" she asked.
"I knew you would. And I knew you would be late."
"Shouldn't you be in the cabin, captain?"
"Not exactly. I was there during the day. Keith is quite experienced, he's helping me by now."
"Keith? Hmm..." Jill tried to hold back her laughter.
"You know him?"
"I've heard about him." She lied. Jill looked around and realized that night time was not very dark "Something's different today"
"Full moon." Chris looked at her and pulled her hood "Look at how the moon is beautiful tonight. Look how the Queen Amaranthus glows."
"Chris, it's dangerous for me to keep my head uncovered."
"You are safe with me, don't worry. If any of these pirates approaches, I throw him in the sea. Into the depths"
Jill laughed and looked at Chris, who was once more staring at the moon. Although she knew that his eyes were green, she noticed that his eyes were shining just like two black gems. Chris realized that she was staring at him and turned to her. Their gazes met and they both remained silent for sometime. Chris looked at Jill's lips and then looked back at her eyes.
Feeling what was about to happen, Jill got a package of candies giving them for Chris.
"What is this?" He frowned.
"My mother made those candies. I brought these for you."
"Wow! I'm honored" He smiled and accepted them, opening and tasting the first one. "A piece of heaven."
"I know right?"
Chris licked his sugary fingers before saying:
"Thanks for remembering me. You are sweeter than this candy."
"I 'm not sweet, I'm a warrior." - she smirked.
"A Sweet warrior"
"As a warrior I cannot be sweet, Chris Redfield."
"C'mon, Of course you can. A sweet warrior can deceive any man she wants with her soft voice and seemingly harmless appearance." Jill said nothing, just watched him. He approached her face and touched her hand. "A sweet warrior can be as sweet as the moonlight and as fierce as the sunshine. She may surprise the most experienced man, drive the most lucid man crazy and overthrow the strongest."
"And are you any of these men?"
"I'm all in one." He lowered his voice.
When Jill heard those words from his mouth, she could not hold the attraction she felt for the captain since she met him. All her concepts disappeared. Her reason disappeared. All her fears flew away. All she knew until that moment about feelings no longer existed and she no longer knew where she was, who she was and what was her fate. Jill just knew that the man in front of her was someone she loved being with. Someone she knew well even without knowing.
Jill put one of her hands on his shoulder and another on his neck and brought him closer until her lips got Chris' upper lip. He quickly kissed her back, running his hands through her blond hair.
'What are you doing? You are a gypsy, you will never marry this man. Don't let him seduce you. Don't be weak.' A voice inside of her started saying, making her think reasonable.
Jill put her hands on Chris chest and pushed him hard.
She put her hood back as she stood up, then she started running back.
"Jill, where are you going?" He ran after her.
"Leave me alone."
"Jill, come back here. Let's talk."
"You took advantage of my trust." She said angrily .
"But you're the one who kissed me, Jill." Chris reached her and grabbed her arm.
Jill moved to the side, getting free from him. She looked over her shoulder and saw when he tried to approach her again, trying to dodge and push him at the same time she overbalanced and fell over the railing of the ship, falling into the sea.

Thank you all for the support, specially BerryWatterson777 and Mister Valentine.
My Lovely Sea Gypsy - Chapter 6
Get aboard this ship where fantasy meets sword fighting, puzzles and romance. A cruise to our favorite characters' past life. Captain Chris Redfield has a mission aboard his ship, but Dick Valentine gets in his way. Is Dick going to destroy Chris' plans or is it the opposite?

This story is based on alternate costumes for Jill, Leon and Keith (Pirate) and Chris (captain) for re6 and rev.
Cover image by LoneWolf117
Resident Evil characters belong to CAPCOM.
A/N: I'm not a native speaker, so forgive my mistakes pls.

Surprisingly enjoyable

Jill felt totally frustrated. Leon slept and after she went to the deck she expected the girls to be already going back to their room. It was her misfortune to be ordered to start dancing again. She felt so much hatred towards the man who had given such orders that she wanted to punch him.
Jill was dancing totally disheartened thinking of a way to escape that situation. In addition to that, a drunken guy was pulling on her arm. She pushed him, but he came back. Without controlling her anger, Jill struck the man who tried to grab hold on her, but he got her veil instead and fell down removing it.
She looked at the man lying on the ground for a few seconds and then she bent down to pick up her veil. Luckily he was too drunk to recognize her. As soon as she got her veil she hold it on her face, hiding herself.
Suddenly a strong and soft hand grabbed her arm.
"I've chosen the woman I want for myself tonight." The crew yelled excited which left her even more scared. She looked at the man with wide eyes open and realized that it was the captain.
Jill thought about kicking him, but she noticed that the entire crew was watching them. Still hiding her face with the veil, she gave him and intimidating glance.
"I won't sleep with you." She whispered.
"That's ok." Chris smiled friendly, getting her confused and distrustful.
Jill took a deep breath to keep calm. Time had come when she needed to learn how to remain calm in situations like that. Things could be better solved if she kept a cold attitude.
When Chris started walking leading her by her arm, some men clapped. 'Drunken bastards' she thought.
While Chris lit the oil lamp, Jill realized that berth sleeping compartment was larger and more comfortable than the other one she had been with Leon. That place looked like an ordinary bedroom.
"Pirate Valentine's eccentric. He kidnaps me he still allows me to keep my room and even gave me a party."
"He's not a pirate, he's a gypsy." Jill took a sharp object she found on the desk beside her and hid it on her back.
"I's got no difference." Chris turned to her and sat on the bed. "Sit down, please."
"I'd rather stay on my feet" She said looking at him firmly "You won't touch me."
"I Know that, I didn't bring you here for that."
"And you expect me to believe that? I don't trust you." she giggled ironically.
"This isn't my goal. Besides, I always believed that trust is built through actions, not words. Once I have my chance, I'll prove that to you." Chris seemed serious.
"But if it's not for sex, what did you pick me then?"
"Just want some companionship, someone I can talk to."
For a moment she believed what he said. The lamplight lit up his face and for the first time she was able to analyse him in detail. Jill felt she was in front of a real man, he had a manly jaw, thin but beautiful lips, big eyebrows and expressive eyes. Chris was extremely handsome and virile. She never imagined that a captain could be so young and so attractive.
"But I also want to ask you something." He said, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees "Why did you attack me?"
"I didn't. I attacked the idiot beside you."
"I don't mean today. I wanna know why you attacked me last night."
Jill got a sick feeling in her stomach. How did he know it was her? Jill tried to answer that cooly.
"I didn't."
"You did. Look at this" Chris took the bracelet out of his pocket and showed her.
Jill looked at the bracelet and then looked at him again. She quickly thought of a way out.
"C'mon. There are so many gems like this one. A girl in our group have similar earrings, her name's Helena, many..."
"Tell me the truth, don't be afraid."
"Afraid of you? Never!" Jill giggled "I'm not afraid of anyone."
Chris got up from the bed and got closer to her. Although his smile seemed friendly, Jill panicked. She pointed the sharp object to him.
"Stay away from me." she said.
Chris grabbed her by her wrists with both hands. Jill tried to move her arms, but she couldn't. She started panting when she realized his face approached her. It was the first time she felt his scent and it seemed to her she already knew it. Her eyes were so close to his lips that Jill felt like shaking. She was scared. She could not say for sure what she was afraid of, but she was terrified.
"What will you do to me?"
Chris did not answer, just twisted her wrist until she dropped that object. At that moment he released her and turned around as if nothing had happened. Jill was still feeling her heart beating wildly.
Chris sat down, smirked and looked at her calmly. It looked like he was amused by everything. She felt so embarrassed and angry at the same time.
"Why is that? Why you staring at me like this?" Jill demanded.
"I know you're the woman in a cape. Don't ask me how, I just know. You can keep on lying. I only brought you here because I was curious."
Jill relaxed her shoulders and sighed.
"Ok, I give up. It was me. But I don't know why I attacked you. I need to learn how to control my actions. I know a good fighter needs to keep cool."
"You're not like the other girls, are you?"
Jill hated that question, but before arguing she understood that he had the right to think that way.
"No. I only infiltrated here to be closer to my boyfriend."
"So you have a boyfriend?" Chris raised an eyebrow.
"I refuse to give you more information about my life."
"That's ok. You don't need to tell me what you're doing here or who you are, just tell me where and why you learned to fight like that. Maybe we can spend some enjoyable time talking while we deceive that bunch of pirates upstairs."
Jill hesitated, but something in his gaze made her just sighed. Jill brought her hand up to her head, brushing some hair strand from her eyes. She looked around and saw a chair beside the desk and she pulled it. Chris stood up and asked her to sit on the bed which was more comfortable, then he sat on the chair in front of her.
"My best friend is one of our best men, in the art of the sword and archery. And I always preferred to play with him than with the girls. My father allowed that until two years ago, after that I have practiced secretly. Hard to believe, huh?" Jill realized she was grinning.
"I don't know what are your traditions like. But I guess most men are sexist. I always thought a woman could be able to fight as good as or even better than a man and you're the proof that a woman may be smart and interesting, besides beautiful.
Jill felt her face flush. She was grateful that the dim light wouldn't allow Chris to realize that. She swallowed hard and then tried to change the subject.
"And you? What are you doing here?"
"I guess we were kidnapped. Me and my boat, I mean." He had a funny tone.
"How can such a young man have a big boat like this?"
"Legacy. My parents died from a viral epidemic and left this boat for my brother and I."
"You have a brother?"
'Yes, he lives with our aunt. He's only seventeen, he's very young and loves adventure, but he's a bit reckless sometimes. I fear for his life because our parents died when he was just a kid, so he's like a son to me. His name is Piers."
"Does Piers travel with you?"
"Generally, he was going to travel with me and some other friends this time. As I disappeared he must be looking for me."
"I'm so sorry."
"That's ok, he's used to it."
"My name is Jill, by the way."Jill smiled and reached out to him
"Chris" He shook her hand "Chris Redfield."
They both smiled friendly. Jill didn't understand her own attitude. Although he had fulfilled his promise not to touch her, she thought that could be just a plan. But the voice inside of her kept saying she could trust that man and that was what she preferred to hear.
Both shared some experiences from their childhood until the time they had to return to the deck. Jill had to assume she had a surprisingly nice moment. Besides being strong and handsome, she needed to add two more qualities to Chris' list, he was intelligent and pleasant.

A woman entered the room carrying a tray with fruit, juice and bread. Behind her, another woman came in with towel and clothes. A third woman, in her thirties stopped by the door staring into the dark room.
The third woman walked towards the window and opened the curtains abruptly. She was very elegant. The brightness of the sun came through the window, lighting up that sumptuous bedroom. The royal and refined furniture could describe its owner's personality.
"Wake up cousin." Excella pulled the blanket uncovering the sleeping man's body.
The governor opened his blue eyes and looked at her, putting his hand over his eyes.
"Ah! Close those curtains, I hate this light." He pulled the blanket back covering his face."
"You Asked us to wake you up early, I'm just following your own orders."
The governor put his head out and pointed to the breakfast tray.
The servant brought it to him immediately.
"Won't you take a shower first?" Excella asked.
"You've already waken me up, I believe you're no longer useful here." Excella bowed her head after his words, he looked at the other girl. "Lana, get my bathtub prepared, I'll just drink my juice."
Lana looked at him startled when she heard her name, she quickly walked away towards the bathroom.
Excella turned around and she was walking out the door when he called her again.
"Excella, did they bring the girl and the boy?"
"Yes. Both here, just like you ordered." Excella kept walking. She'd never understand why he insisted on treating her that way.
"That's great. You can leave now." He ordered.
"I'm already doing, Albert." She left.
My Lovely Sea Gypsy - Chapter 5
Get aboard this ship where fantasy meets sword fighting, puzzles and romance. A cruise to our favorite characters' past life. Captain Chris Redfield has a mission aboard his ship, but Dick Valentine gets in his way. Is Dick going to destroy Chris' plans or is it the opposite?

This story is based on alternate costumes for Jill, Leon and Keith (Pirate) and Chris (captain) for re6 and rev.
Cover image by LoneWolf117
Resident Evil characters belong to CAPCOM.
A/N: I'm not a native speaker, so forgive my mistakes pls.

A Chaperone For The Captain

Jill sat on one of the beds and put her hand on her belly. That man was truly strong because her stomach was still hurting. Jill was not sure why she attacked him. When she jumped out of the lifeboat she did not expect to find someone out there. As soon as she saw him she panicked.
Jill wasn't able to see the man's face because it was very dark, but she knew it was the captain and she had to agree with Keith, he was really strong.
"You Okay?" A redheaded girl asked Jill.
Jill nodded and smiled. She knew that her father used to hide women in the ship infirmary. In all long journeys, Dick Valentine used to hire some women to enjoy his men sometimes. Dick believed that a happy crew worked best. They were supposed to stay in the infirmary, they were only allowed to leave that place during the parties, otherwise they should hide their faces not to distract the men.
This was the second part of Jill's plan, first she planned to hide in the lifeboat then to go hide herself with her father's dolls, as he called her.
"I need you to keep it as a secret and hide me, please. I know you may be afraid to do so, but I'll make it up to you all." Jill put her hand inside her dress and grabbed a small black velvet bag. She poured some jewels on the bed. "My gifts to you." All the girls screamed excited. Jill touched her wrist and realized she had lost her bracelet. "Which one is my father's favorite doll?" A brunette girl showed up from behind the others. "So, this is for you. What's your name?" Jill removed her earrings and handed them to her. As she had lost the bracelet of that jewelry set, she didn't mind giving the earrings away, she decided to keep just her necklace.
"Helena." She replied accepting the earrings.
"So you're certainly the leader. I need you to get the clothes that I left in the boat. If anyone asks you, you may say they are outfits for the next party."
"But they don't allow us to leave this place." Helena said worried.
"With this cape you can. They just don't want your face and body to draw the crew's attention. "Jill looked at the other girls "I brought veils for us to cover our faces at the next party. I'm sure the men will love this game and no one will recognize me.
Helena consented and Jill smiled. With the second part of her plan complete, Jill needed to think about the third part, which was to find Leon. A party would be perfect.
"But why are you here?" Helena asked.
"Because I want some fun and also because I don't want to stay away from my boyfriend."
"If you wanted to make sure that he wouldn't sleep with anyone of us, you did it right. Otherwise he would come to our bed easily."
Helena's words left Jill thoughtfully and upset. She knew that the girl was right somehow. Her mother had told her that there was no marital fidelity among the gypsies That even though they loved their wives, they would always seek for fun somewhere else. And it was not just about their tradition, but it was a matter of their soul, which was seductive and flirtatious. Jill got worried to think that one day Leon could be like her father. Dick loved Isabel, but he liked the girls too. Jill really didn't know if she wanted a relationship like that. Though she didn't know how to change Leon and if that was possible, she would try.
Chris looked at the door when a man entered the cabin saying Dick was waiting for him on the deck. Chris looked at the compass again before walking out the door.
Dick was looking at the sky when Chris approached, that man's blue eyes looked at him slightly worried.
"Storm in sight. How does your boat reacts to these summer storms?'
"Well. Queen Amaranthus is very sturdy and I'm very experienced."
"I'll trust your abilities captain. Keep us safe and we'll have a party tonight in your honor. I'll let you choose the doll you want for your bed, except my favorite one."
Chris didn't smile, but he shook his head. Chris wanted no doll, he just wanted to know who was that woman last night . He put his hand into the pocket of his tight shorts and took the bracelet out of it. He looked at it once before putting it back in the pocket.
When Chris was returning to the cabin, he saw a shadow move behind some men. Without thinking he ran towards that figure, he knew it was her. Once he got closer, Chris jumped in front of her.
The woman stopped and kept her head bowed trying to hide herself, but Chris lifted her face, removing her hood.
Helena looked at him scared and he realized that. Chris wasn't angry at her anymore, he was just curious and surprised. Was she the woman he was looking for?
Chris was sure it was her when he saw the earrings she was wearing, it was exactly the same as the bracelet he carried. He never imagined that woman was able to fight and dodge that way.
But Chris didn't have time to say anything, she put her hood again.
"Will you hurt me?"
"Never" He said taking her hand gently "I just wanna get to know you better."
"I can't now. Let's do it tonight."
Chris nodded and let her walk away. He watched her wondering how a simple dancer had become immensely interesting to him suddenly. Chris was used to meet only two types of women, those submissive and unattractive women with whom he could marry or those dancers who wanted nothing more than fun and money. He had never met a real woman with a strong personality.
Was Helena the woman who would change his world? Chris was sure he wanted to get closer to her, because he was willing to find that out.
Leon was almost drunk looking at the mug in his hand. All men were waiting for the Captain. That little party was in his honor and Leon thought everything a waste of time and wine. He didn't understand Dick's intention of throwing a party in the honor of a prisoner. On the other hand, Dick was always pleasing his men which makes everyone enjoy working for him. Maybe Dick wanted to get the Captain's sympathy as well.
Keith was going to be in the cabin, in the captain's place, throughout the party and Leon was sorry for the guy who would lose a night full of wine and girls.
The music and the night got more interesting when the women arrived on the deck . Wearing colorful and sexy clothes, they danced trying to seduce them. The veil on their faces made them even more attractive .
A beautiful blonde, with a perfect body, wearing purple dress and veil approached him, dancing sensually. When the girl reached out to Leon, he didn't hesitate. He took her by the hand to lead her to his room.
They walked the way in silence. Once Leon closed the door of that small ship berth, she removed her veil and looked at him .
"You liked the surprise? I said I would be in your dreams."
"You are crazy." Leon grabbed Jill by her waist. "Why and how did you do that?"
"I wouldn't miss this adventure."
"If your father finds it out, he will lock your somewhere for the whole trip."
"I Know that" Jill shook her head "That's why I need to keep on hiding with girls, it's safer. I came to stay with you for a while, but I'm going back afterward."
"It's not the time to talk. I drank too much and I want you before I sleep" Leon got his hands to her bodice, undoing the laces.
Leon pulled her bodice sharply, getting a slightly surprised scream from her lips. Once her dress fell to the ground, Leon began to caress Jill's soft skin with his hands and lips.
With his own feet he took off his boots, kicking them away. Jill withdrew his vest when their lips met hungrily. No surprise would be better than that. His gorgeous bride, the most beautiful woman he knew, was there in his arms again.
Chris had already given Keith some coördinates when a man appeared by the cabin door calling him for the celebration.
The storm was not so strong, Chris had experienced much worse storms, but Dick fulfilled his promise anyway. He set a small party with music, wine and girls.
Chris arrived late to his own party, many women had already left with some guys and Chris was deeply troubled by one, Helena.
He didn't imagine Helena was Dick's favorite doll, and after an hour watching her stroking him, Chris also saw her taking the Pirate Valentine to his room.
Chris didn't want to fall in love with a woman like her. He knew himself well enough to know that he would never fall for an ordinary woman. All the girls he knew since his childhood became beautiful women but they didn't seem to have their own individual personality, they seem somewhat apathetic. The others he knew worked at the tavern and sold themselves for money, which didn't sound interesting for him either.
Although Helena was part of the second group, her uncommon interest and ability made her different and Chris felt frustrated when he didn't get the chance to talk to her that night.
An hour later a man approached Chris offering more wine, but he refused. He was avoiding getting as drunk as the other night. Some women began to return to the deck, but not Helena.
"Go ahead, Captain. Choose yours!" A man shouted to Chris. "Girls dance!'
Chris raised his mug smiling and nodding to the man. He was not in the mood to choose any girl there. He just wanted an opportunity to talk to that beautiful ghost. He felt quite obsessed with that.
The girls began to dance, making a circle. The man beside Chris was clearly drunk and he pulled one of the girls by her arm. The blonde girl, wearing a purple dress and veil, tried to push the man away, as she could not, she struck him. The drunk guy overbalanced and fell down taking her veil with him.
Chris watched everything and when she hit the man that way, he stopped breathing. Despite the dim light, he realized she had an angelic face. Her eyes seemed to be blue and she had perfect lips.
But nothing was more surprising for Chris than when he looked down at her delicate neck and saw a necklace which was very similar to the bracelet he carried. Chris's heart stopped. He was confused .'Wasn't Helena the ghost? ' He wondered, and soon he realized that it could not be Helena the mysterious woman. 'It can't be Helena, it's you!' he thought looking at that beautiful blonde who bent down to pick up her veil on the floor.
Chris got up, held her gently by her arm and shouted to the other men:
"I've chosen the woman I want for myself tonight." The crew yelled excited as she looked at him scared.

Thank you guys for the faves! That means a lot to me :heart:
My Lovely Sea Gypsy - Chapter 4
Get aboard this ship where fantasy meets sword fighting, puzzles and romance. A cruise to our favorite characters' past life. Captain Chris Redfield has a mission aboard his ship, but Dick Valentine gets in his way. Is Dick going to destroy Chris' plans or is it the opposite?

This story is based on alternate costumes for Jill, Leon and Keith (Pirate) and Chris (captain) for re6 and rev.
Cover image by LoneWolf117
Resident Evil characters belong to CAPCOM.
A/N: I'm not a native speaker, so forgive my mistakes pls.

The Ghost Crew Member

Leon nodded to Jill and got down behind some barrels. Jill was on the roof of a house right in front of the stage where Rebecca was going to be hanged .
There used to be a crowd around when it was some criminal execution, but for Rebecca's there was only a few people there. Rebecca's one-hour trial didn't get the inhabitants attention.
Jill couldn't understand how the governor allowed fanatical groups to judge and execute people without his consent. This was just another reason for not wanting to marry a man who was so indifferent to his people.
Rebecca kept her head bowed and Jill could not see the expression on her face, but she was sure that the girl was frightened. The executioner approached the girl, putting a noose around her neck. A man who was standing beside the executioner seemed to be the mastermind, there were two other men around wielding swords .
"Kill that witch" One of the few people shouted.
Jill had only three arrows, which meant three chances to save Rebecca. She was in position and she aimed for the rope. Her heart was beating wildly and Jill tasted a drop of sweat which trickled down to her mouth.
Even though she loved adrenaline, Jill felt nervous knowing that Rebecca's life depended on her accuracy at that time and on Leon's ability as well.
The hangman kicked the box where Rebecca was and suddenly Jill heard anothing almost else, the only thing she could hear was her own breathing. She knew breath control was very important that moment. The rope moved a little and stopped, Jill held her breath and shot the first arrow, in a quick movement she shot the second and Rebecca fell down.
Leon jumped over the barrels and went towards the men. Among attacks and dodges, Leon dueled with the two men at the same time. Jill jumped from the roof on the top of a barrel running towards Leon. She realized that the executioner had taken a scythe and walked towards her man. Meanwhile the mastermind fled.
The few people who were there began to scream and run desperately.
Leon managed to hit one of the men who fell to his feet, but there was still another one and Jill was afraid she couldn't reach Leon before the executioner.
Leon kicked the man's body to the side and dodged the attack of the second guy. Taking advantage of a careless move, Leon hit him in his belly. The man was falling down and Leon tried to pull his sword back when he heard a noise behind him. Leon turned his head and saw the executioner ready to attack him with the scythe. With his sword stuck into the man's body, Leon found himself in trouble.
The Executioner was raising the scythe over Leon when an arrow pierced his head, causing him to fall to the side with his scythe .
Leon looked up and saw Jill far ahead. Their eyes met for a moment and Leon nodded gratefully. Jill smiled before running towards Rebecca.
Rebecca was still lying on the floor, Jill checked her pulse and realized she had just fainted. Jill tried to wake her when Leon came closer to them.
Jill and Leon raised their heads and looked around when they heard sounds of footsteps and they quickly realized that they were surrounded by men, some with guns and others with swords.
Holding Rebecca, Jill realized that the mastermind showed up behind those men. He looked at her while playing with his mustache.
"How dare you interfere in the Lord's affairs?"
"Lord's affair? What I saw here was a bunch of man trying to play God. This is about your own affairs and your cruelty" Jill placed Rebecca gently on the floor so she could stand and face the man.
"She is a witch. God wants her dead."
"When you judge and kill, you are the one going against your God's will, for putting yourselves above him. God is sovereign and powerful enough to do what he wants without your permission or help. Or maybe yours is weak? If God wanted her dead, that could be done in many natural ways. Let him decide. Do you really think an almighty being needs help from poor, weak mortals like you?"
Jill realized the mastermind became even angrier and he commanded his men to catch her. At that moment a man appeared in the main house terrace, behind the stage. Everyone turned their face to him at the same time and she heard someone say that there was the governor.
Jill had never seen him in person and although she could not see his face in detail, she realized that he didn't seem as old as his father had said. The governor looked at her and then he looked at the mastermind before motioned with his hand.
"Let them go." The mastermind said frustrated "Orders from the Governor."
Jill felt a shiver up her spine and she felt paralyzed, she didn't even realized that Rebecca was awake and was getting up with difficulty. Only after the third time, she could notice Leon was calling her. He pulled Jill by her arm and she walked behind him, while he was helping Rebecca walk. Although she felt like looking back to thank the governor, her fear was stronger.

"I don't know how to thank you both. What would have happened to me?" Rebecca was sitting on her bed and holding her own neck.
"Don't think about it, Rebecca. You're alive!" Jill hugged the girl . "Try not to be alone in the woods and try to be more discreet from now on."
"Yes, I guess I learned my lesson."
"You Okay?"
Rebecca's mother entered the room carrying a bowl with water.
"I'll be, Jill."
After giving Rebecca a smile, Jill and Leon both said goodbye and walked away. Once they realized they were alone, they kissed.
"What are your plans now?" Jill asked playing with the collar of his white shirt.
"I've gotta help your father with things for the trip. I think we're leaving at dusk, after the meal."
"So you're also going to Yuhinb?" Leon nodded and Jill wondered why he was lying to her, but she said nothing. "But you always leave early in the morning, why don't you wait until tomorrow?"
"You're father is in a hurry."
Jill smiled trying to hide his distrust. She kissed him to hide the laughter .
She thought of inviting Leon for lunch , but she knew she would have little time to pack then.
"I won't be here when you leave, so I see you when you return." Leon seemed confused as she continued. "I have things to settle in the city because of Rebecca." She lied to him.
"Promise me that you won't do anything crazy?" Jill nodded and he added "I'll miss you."
"You won't. Just wait for me, I'll be in your dreams soon." She winked at him before turning and walking away.

Chris looked at his outfit and felt annoyed. For him those clothes looked more like a torture. Instead of handing him an outfit like theirs, those stupid pirates managed to find a sailor uniform somewhere, but it was very small. Besides tight it was extremely short. Chris was sure those men wanted to mock him.
All men went down to the sleeping berth compartments about an hour ago. Chris was in the captain's cabin with only one other man, who was watching him.
They were already navigating for a long time and Chris was not a danger for them anymore because he had nowhere else to go. The hangover from the previous day had stopped him from escaping at first and he promised himself he would never drink the same way again.
Although annoyed he also realized it wasn't so bad to travel with a great crew like that, he just needed to devise a plan to not be killed when he was no longer useful for Dick Valentine and also to get what he need to get.
That tight clothing seemed to choke him, Chris said he would take a breath in the deck and the man just nodded.
Arriving on the deck, Chris looked at his greatest passion, Queen Amaranthus. The biggest legacy from his father. That ship was everything he had and he'd defend it from those pirates with his life if he needed to. He approached the bow, as he always loved to do, to admire the sky and the ocean.
The moonlight made Queen Amaranthus even brighter and he felt proud to be the captain of that beauty. In the silence of the night, Chris thought he heard a noise. Everyone was sleeping and he returned to the deck looking around, but everything seemed normal.
Suddenly a person wearing a cape jumped out of the boat in front of him and before Chris could ask something or yell for someone, he was attacked. Chris was very strong, but he was surprised with the man's agility, who jumped and dodged his punches so masterfully.
Although weak, the man could hit Chris at precise movements. Chris was so confused with that attack that he didn't attack with all he got, he was just trying to immobilize the man to know who he was and what he wanted.
When Chris finally managed to hold his hand and hit him in the belly he heard a shriek and felt even more amazed. 'A woman?' he thought.
Chris ran up to her holding her by the wrist, but he got kicked on his face and let her go. He touched his nose painful watching her run into the ship, towards the berth compartments.
Under the moonlight some object sparked on the ground and Chris came closer, picking it up. It was a gold bracelet with blue gemstones which curiously exuded a floral and sweet perfume. He decided not to follow her, but he could not hide the curiosity and interest he felt by that ghost crew member.
My Lovely Sea Gypsy - Chapter 3
Get aboard this ship where fantasy meets sword fighting, puzzles and romance. A cruise to our favorite characters' past life. Captain Chris Redfield has a mission aboard his ship, but Dick Valentine gets in his way. Is Dick going to destroy Chris' plans or is it the opposite?

This story is based on alternate costumes for Jill, Leon and Keith (Pirate) and Chris (captain) for re6 and rev.
Cover image by LoneWolf117
Resident Evil characters belong to CAPCOM.
A/N: I'm not a native speaker, so forgive my mistakes pls.

 Arranged Marriage

She looked up at the mirror analyzing the gold necklace that adorned her beautiful neck. It was not the kind of jewelry she used to wear, it was simpler and more delicate. Her mother was shaking her while she tied her corset tightly.
No ring seemed to match with the outfit she had chosen for that day, they all seemed too bright for that dress. That day she chose a simple dress as she was planning to escape after lunch to practice with Keith. Although fearful, her best friend had agreed to train her that afternoon.
Jill Valentine was not an ordinary gypsy, she was Dick Valentine's daughter, the big boss of all that bunch. That was enough for him to give her different laws from all the other girls there.
During her childhood and until the beginning of her youth she had received permission to learn the art of the sword and archery. But as he realized she had become a beautiful woman he decided to prevent her from any risky activity and he asked his men to watch her.
Dick had failed to stop his daughter from training. Jill always found a way to keep her gifts and her passion, which was fighting. Dick would try to change his daughter, but at some point he would have to understand that she had a free and rebellious soul, as every gypsy.
"Where's my father?" Jill asked looking at her mother through the mirror.
"He woke up early and he seemed annoyed. Seems they needed to postpone their trip."
"When are we going to move from here?
"He actually decided to stay, Jill. You know he could. You're father doesn't want to keep moving from place to place anymore. He's planning on building houses for all of us somewhere near here."
"You can't be serious. This is all very boring. Our people will die with a boredom fever if we have to stay here. I'm already tired."
"You'd better get used to it. Once he knew that town, he completely changed his mind about leaving."
"But I didn't." Jill said angrily.
Jill wore a light blue dress and Isabel checked its sleeves and bars, it was simple but beautiful. She smiled admiring her daughter.
Her people were used to travel from time to time, Jill really didn't think anyone would be happy to stay there forever. Forever is a long time. She was tired of being in that place for more than five months.
"Darling, he is worried about your future."
"Don't start with that. I will not marry that old man." Jill shook her head "He is not worried about my future, but concerned about his own coffers."
Isabel said nothing, she just looked at Jill with the sweetness of a mother.
"Mother, you know that since I was a teenager t I already have a suitor. He is the best option. He's very handsome, he's strong, and he is a rich gypsy. What else do I need?"
"Oh, Jill. You and your father must solve that yourselves. I just want you to be happy."
Jill smiled at Isabel hugging her afterward. Jill knew her mother would support her always and whatever her choice was. And Jill was willing to fight for what she wanted.

Keith was sitting in front of a tent, playing in the sand with his sword. Totally bored he watched the movement of people in that makeshift village. Apparently everyone had awaken. All the children were running and shouting enthusiastically.
In the midst of those children he saw her best friend. She looked as gorgeous as always and by her steady gaze and her mouth expression she was ready to kill the first one who crossed her path.
When she got closer, Keith pulled a crate so she could sit on it.
"Why are you so happy?" he asked ironic.
Jill frowned before she answered.
"Happy to death?" she asked "My father and that old man. But I'll solve it. And you, what do you do here?"
"Guarding? A prisoner? Since when do we have prisoners?"
"Since this morning."
Jill raised her eyebrows curious. Prisoners mean adventure.
"A dirty old bearded thief again?" She laughed "Oh! I forgot to say toothless!"
"No. This time the guy looks better, he is a captain in fact." Keith shove his sword in the sand. "And I must admit the is not ugly."
"Ah! I doubt it! By the way, how long will you be here?"
"Sorry Jill. But till the sunset I guess."
"What about our training?"
"You'd better practice your archery by yourself. If I don't leave here in time, let's practice tomorrow."
Jill approached the tent raising the fabric that served as a door, a sort of curtain. A very strong man was lying on the floor with his arm over his head. She was able to realize his well-defined arms and legs.
"Ugh! What a sour smelling. Looks like the little fella drank everything yesterday." She dropped the curtain and turned to Keith. "He's chained in there, why do you have to stay here?"
"The guy is strong. Your father wants us to watch him all the time."
"Damn it!" She threw a rock toward the shore "Why is he almost naked?"
"We got him at the tavern having fun. Now it seems that this one will be our captain."
"Our captain? You're no longer going to the Yuhinb islands?"
"No. Your father finally found that map so he changed the route. Looks like we have to find some treasure."
"Hmmm" Jill put her finger to her mouth, gently nibbling on her fingernail as she thought. "Yuhinb can be worse than this place, but a treasure... I cannot miss it."
"You crazy, Jill?" Keith stood up and crossed his arms "Your father will kill me if he finds out that I told you that. Don't tell him anything. I love my neck."
"Who told you I would?" Still with her finger in her mouth, Jill smiled looking at the sea. She knew what do to make her life get interesting.
Jill said goodbye to her friend and ran to her tent, she had to start packing her things and find out which ship they would use in that mission. When she approached her tent, Hilary appeared in front of her with a frightened expression. Before Jill asked the girl what had happened she said.
"Rebecca?" Jill asked.
"She was caught by that group, she was picking up various types of herbs and mixing them, so they took her to town. She will be hanged or burned as a witch soon."
Jill looked around. There was no man around at the moment, only Keith and he was busy. The other men were probably arranging all the things to the jorney. She also wanted to pack her things, but she knew she needed to help Rebecca before.
Jill entered her tent and wrote a note quickly, handing it the girl.
"Don't let my father see it, Hilary. Deliver this note to the same man you do every day."
Hilary shook her head and ran off towards the beach.

Jill picked up her bow and arrow and a sword before walking towards the town. Five months in that place was enough for Jill to know that woods as the palm of her hand .
After crossing the small creek, Jill sat on the rock where she always used to wait for him. She hoped he would not take too long and that he could give some excuse to her father, because she really cared about Rebecca.
Rebecca had inherited a natural gift for medicinal herbs from her mother. This was something very good and important for their people, but it was a huge secret among the gypsies. They all knew that Rebecca ran the risk, and maybe she was discovered by that group of religious fanatics. Jill respected all beliefs, mystical or not, but she could not withstand the fanatics of any kind. Any fanaticism was a danger, religious or not.
The noises coming from the dry leaves aroused her attention. Jill looked at the creek and saw him. The most handsome man she had ever seen in her entire life. He wore her beautiful blue outfit, embroidered in yellow. To complete this elegance, a beautiful black hat.
Underneath the hat, Jill saw his seductive gaze. He stopped at the edge of the stream, holding his sword and looking around before raising his mind-blowing blue eyes at her again with a slightly bowed head, which made him even sexier.
He gave her a sexy half-smile and Jill could not help but admire that stunning man, her man.
As he crossed the creek by stepping some stones, she let herself remember when they met each other.
The last time she was there with her people, many years ago, Jill and Leon were only teenagers. They became friends and soon Leon's father expressed his interest in a marriage between the two, leaving Dick Valentine interested.
Leon was a gypsy, but his family and his group chose to build up a village many years ago, known as Topaz Ville. Just as Jill's father wanted to do now. Topaz Ville was large, with more than two thousand inhabitants, and Leon's father was the mayor of the place.
Despite extensive and well structured, Topaz Ville was still smaller than Pine Hill city. Pine Hill had more than ten thousand inhabitants and that was enough for Jill to understand the sudden interest of her father in getting Jill married to Pine Hill governor. It was easy to understand why he prefered Pine Hill governor over Topaz Ville mayor's son.
Although Pine Hill was an ordinary city, with counselors and traditional laws, the governor was descended from gypsies and that was enough to make him a possible husband.
But Jill would not allow her father to interfere her plans. Once they returned to Topaz Ville and she saw Leon, she was totally convinced that she really wanted to marry him. She would have the most handsome man of all and no one would change her plans.
As soon as Leon approached Jill he took her in his arms hugging her. After he placed her on the ground again, with one hand he clasped her waist and with his other hand he held her chin bringing her face next to him.
"How I missed you my princess."
"You missed my bed, you mean?" she smirked
"That too" Leon smiled before kissing her fiercely.
The passionate kiss lasted for a few seconds, because as soon as Leon put his hand under her dress, she pushed him away.
"What happened?" He asked surprised.
"Didn't you read my note? It's urgent."
"Well, your desire for my body may be urgent." he tried to hold her again.
Jill smiled wryly.
"Let's leave it for tonight." She approached his face and nibbled his upper lip before she stepped back again "We need to save Rebecca, she's in trouble."
Leon widened his eyes, but before he could ask anything, Jill grabbed him by his arm walking towards Pine Hill, holding the hem of her dress with her left hand.
My Lovely Sea Gypsy - Chapter 2
Get aboard this ship where fantasy meets sword fighting, puzzles and romance. A cruise to our favorite characters' past life. Captain Chris Redfield has a mission aboard his ship, but Dick Valentine gets in his way. Is Dick going to destroy Chris' plans or is it the opposite?

This story is based on alternate costumes for Jill, Leon and Keith (Pirate) and Chris (captain) for re6 and rev.
Cover image by 
I'm a thirty-year old brazilian who loves Resident Evil since 2000. I specially love Chris and Jill, because they are like a part of my life since I was 17. So it is impossible not to love them.
Because of this love I began to write a Fanfic about this complicated and amazing relationship.
As I am a new member, I don't know how to add new chapters in the same file (I have 3 ready to go), or maybe Im supposed to post the chapters separated. If someone could help me with that.
Well, as you may have realized I am not a native speaker, so I really count on you to help me with corrections and hints. I really try my best to write everything right, but I know that is not possible.

Hope you like my fanfictions! :) Cya.


Shanttyvf's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a thirty-year-old Brazilian female who enjoys reading, playing games, watching movies and, of course, writing.
I'm a BIG fan of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Sims, Avatar The Last Airbender and Chobits. But I decided to write about Resident Evil, and specially about Jill and Chris drama (This difficult and interesting relationship).

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